In numbers:


The economic benefits for Britain secured by rail freight in 2016


The value of goods carried every year in the UK by the rail freight industry

1 in 4

Over a quarter of the containers that enter and exit the UK via deep sea ports are transported by rail freight

 Source: Rail Delivery Group


The percentage of construction materials delivered by rail in London

 Source: Network Rail


Rail freight operators have invested almost £3bn since privatisation in 1997 to enhance capacity and improve performance and reliability.

Source: Rail Delivery Group


The number of heavy good vehicles removed from Britain’s roads by each freight train

Source: Rail Delivery Group


Every tonne of freight transported by rail reduces carbon emissions by 76% compared to road haulage

Source: Rail Delivery Group

Regional rail freight: economic benefits

Total: £1.729m












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Source: ‘Rail freight in GB: Productivity and other economic benefits’, KPMG report.

In comments:

“Working together, the partnership railway stands ready to do more to increase the benefits that rail freight is delivering for Britain. As we prepare to develop new trading relationships outside the European Union, we can build on the £30bn worth of goods carried by rail freight, connecting more British businesses with new markets via our sea ports around the country.”

Paul Plummer, chief executive of the Rail Delivery Group, on the benefits of rail freight to the UK and its increased potential post-Brexit.