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Issue 89 • March 2021

The hyperloop concept has steadily gained traction over the years, and now rail companies such as Virgin are preparing to reap the rewards of years of research to deliver high-speed, efficient rail systems of the future. In the 89th issue of Future Rail, we find out more about where the hyperloop concept came from and where its set to go in the future.

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic for the rail industry in 2021. We explore how UK infrastructure owner Network Rail intends to go about meeting its ambitious environmental targets. We also take a closer look at the Hop On For Our Planet campaign, which is aiming to bring more Gen Z recruits to the sector by highlighting rail’s green credentials.

We speak to UK rail operator Govia Thameslink Railway about how it has used technology to protect staff and passengers during the pandemic, and map out ongoing rail projects worldwide.

We also find out more about a hospital train concept being developed by the European Space Agency, and ask how a much-delayed proposal to create a high-speed rail line between Porto and Lisbon could finally come to fruition.

Joe Baker, editor