The hydraulic lifts and manual operated platforms for handicapped travelers of public transport are TSI PRM certified. All of the lift products are developed, engineered and manufactured in-house in Sweden with respect to the safety regulations and international norms.

U-Lift AB based in South-Sweden develops and markets wheelchair lifts and ramps for railway applications, as well as for minibuses, low-floor city buses and load lifts for light commercial vehicles. U-Lift is a leading company in the automotive market with products for people with reduced mobility.

Trifold is a modular ramp system which is equipped with 3 hinges. The ramp is designed to allow people with reduced mobility to conquer steps. The ramp is suitable for the use in railway vehicles, busses and buildings. Huge advantage is the light weight structure.

We deliver a huge range of lift and ramp types towards the most important and well-known railcar and coachbuilders in the world for over 20 years. The hydraulic lifts are available for lifting height from 500 until 1250mm and a load capacity of 350 kg.


The latest development of a wheelchair lift for a modern train

Sideways or across sidewall installation

Fully electrical operation

Low energy consumption

Manual emergency operation

U-lift is certified according to ISO9001 and 14001, welding to EN3834 and EN15085 as well the 1300/2014 TSI PRM. All of our lifts meet the requirements regarding fire resistance EN45545.