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Rail Manche Finance European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)

Rail Manche Finance EEIG (RMF) is a joint venture established in April 1992 by the National Rail Companies of Great Britain (originally through the British Railways Board, today through a successor company Eurostar International) and France (SNCF) and provides managed service solutions in respect of back office accounting, clearing, settlement and management information systems.  

The joint venture was originally set up to ensure the that the payments to be made for the use of the Channel Tunnel by Eurostar and Rail Freight operators to Eurotunnel were made in accordance with the complex Usage Agreement - a role which has been achieved successfully since June 1994, but the potential was soon seen and realised to expand this role to provide a specialist back office role, (principally revenue allocation, revenue collection and settlement, clearing services and provision of management information systems for sales, product and train service reporting), which has been successfully delivered to Eurostar (from October 1994), Thalys (from April 1996) and in collaboration with SNCF subsidiary Rail Solutions, Elipsos (from December 2013) International train operators.

RMF is now a leading provider of reservation based revenue collection, allocation, settlement, clearing management reporting services for International train services operated by a number of Train operators as a joint venture, using experienced specialist staff and sophisticated software applications developed  to meet the needs of its clients and flexible to be adapted to react quickly to changing market demands. To support business processes RMF has been awarded QMS ISO 9001 for its Quality System since November 2000 and ISO 14001 since April 2003 for its Environmental System.

Client base
>>     Eurostar International Ltd
>>     THI Factory (Thalys International)
>>     SNCF
>>     Department for Transport

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