In numbers:


The number of journeys measured in passenger kilometres is expected to triple by 2050

 Source: UITP


The percentage of Londoners who think futuristic technologies will change daily travel habits in 15-20 years

 Source: Exterion Media

17 milion

The number of 'pay as you go' journeys made every week on London’s bus, Tube and rail services

 Source: TfL


The percentage of passengers who believe Skytran will be more efficient than trains

 Source: Exterion Media

3 in 4

Almost three quarters (70%) of Londoners believe contactless will be the most popular option to pay for travel in the next 10 years

Source: Exterion Media


The percentage of passengers who believe fingerprint recognition will be used as a future payment method

Source: Exterion Media


The fastest internet speed achieved to date in a train tunnel by Bane Nor

Source: Smart Rail World


A new type of train seat design could enable up to 30% more travellers to sit on their commute

Source: Alphr

In comments:

“Londoners are clearly optimistic that technological developments in the transport sector will benefit their lives. They prefer technology that will make the capital a cleaner and greener place to live, as well as those that enhance the city landscape – great news for transport operators that embrace technology to make journeys safer, more efficient and more enjoyable.”

Nicola Barrett, head of research at Exterion Media, on the impact of future transport developments in the UK capital.