Smart Rail Monitoring System

Railway infrastructure is a kind of physical asset that is used for the operation of the railway. Those railway infrastructures can comprise not only railway lines, structures, buildings and equipment, but also the corresponding land, located on railway premises. They are designed for the management of passenger or freight transport and maintenance.

With years of experience, Vecow has been leading the way with a broad range of rugged, customized, high-quality products and services. Vecow has developed a purpose-built platform for the China market.

With almost 3.66 billion people traveling by train, the China railways plays a critical role for people’s daily lives and the safety of the passengers has to be ensured. Moreover, to guarantee the safe operation of these railways, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of rail management, rugged, high-performance and reliable embedded systems are crucial.

Pantograph Diagnostic System

Pantograph is a device that is mounted on the roof of an electric train to collect power through contact with an overhead line. If pantographs fail, this may cause a significant impact on all rail traffic. However, manual inspections are costly in labor and reduce the efficient operation of the train system because the train is needed at the station not out of service for repairs.

Thanks to innovative technologies such as the Internet of Thing and Artificial Intelligent, automatic pantograph inspection with machine vision systems enables the detection of incorrect or defective pantographs at the early stage through gathering image data captured by a camera and automatically report to the control center for further analysis. The operator of the train can take action to fix the problems reflexive onboard when a pantograph defect is detected and ensures safe and reliable operation.

Obstacle Detect and Tracking System

The obstacle monitoring system plays a role for efficiently avoiding a number of accidents resulting in injury or death on rail tracks. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the machine vision systems gather information, detect obstacles, predict the danger ahead for the train driver and then pass reliable information to the driver in advance. Based on the received data, triggering actions will be performed. The train driver can control the train based on the information passed by the system and ensures safety operation and the train can be stopped to avoid accidents. The GPS, RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi and integrated sensors can be used by the embedded systems for automated intelligent obstacle monitoring.

Vecow Product Highlights

  • The latest Intel platform integrated compact NVIDIA MXM graphics for high-speed data processing
  • Fanless, up to -40°C to 75° operation
  • Max 16V to 160V DC-in with 4kV DC Isolation, 500V Surge Protection
  • Up to 16-mode ignition power control
  • Max 8 GigE LAN w/6 X-coded M12 connection
  • 4 USB, 2 COM, 2 2.5" SSD Tray, 1 CFast, 2 M.2, 2 SATA III
  • Expansion: PCI/PCIe, Mini PCIe, mSATA, M.2
  • 5G/WiFi 6/4G/3G/LTE/GPRS/UMTS Wireless communications
  • EN50155 & EN50121 Certified