4Tel are experts in digital railway solutions.

Our team of specialised engineers develop SIL-rated radio-based train control systems; complementary railway planning and management software; and communications systems to create a complete smart rail network management and control solution.

4Tel systems are optimised for both regional and remote rail operations, using few staff and minimal trackside infrastructure. This approach provides high performing network operations with low capital and operational expenditure. 4Tel’s solutions increase rail network safety and performance.

4Tel’s key technology systems include:

• Virtual Block Train Control (VBTC),

• Track vision detection, artificial intelligence and deep machine learning,

• Real-time GPS tracking or rail vehicles and personnel,

• Radio-based electronic and voice track movement authorities,

• Asset condition monitoring reporting,

• Automated rail access, billing and reporting,

• Control system integrated worksite protection Smart phone app,

• Assorted multi-modal real-time passenger information displays, and much more.

4Tel has the following specific capabilities:

• Rail network control systems comprising SIL-2 train order systems (voice and data), centralised train control systems software and back-office systems

• Mobile asset location tracking and staff worksite protection systems

• Design & implementation of data networking, radio and satellite solutions

• SCADA telemetry configuration, commissioning & management systems.

Digital Railway Specialists

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