As we enter a new year, we also arrive at quite the milestone with issue 100 of Future Rail! Thank you to everyone who has joined us along the way, and here's to 100 more.

In this issue's cover story, we look into the California high-speed rail project. Much has been made in the media over whether the project is beyond repair, or how to get it back on track. We look at the story so far, and what we can expect in the future.

Across the Atlantic in the field of European high-speed rail, Spain has become the capital of high-speed; with four­ operators running services between Madrid and Barcelona. We look at the journey that led to such competition.

And, being the first issue of the year, it's only fitting that we make some predictions for the coming year. We look at the shift to new fuels on the rails, the importance of bridging the skills gap, and how post-pandemic travel habits mean a rethink in timetabling, amongst other things.

As well as all of this, we also learn about Bristol Temple Meads' efforts to improve accessibility for blind and partially sighted people, learn about the rebuilding of Ukraine's tourism sector, and look into some unique ways to repurpose rolling stock for life after the rails.

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Peter Nilson, editor