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The most basic mission of any organization is to keep operations efficient, work optimized and assets performing at their peak. This mission, however basic, is also an endless challenge as assets age, the workforce transitions and demand for additional asset output increases. Fortunately, there is more technology and data available today than ever before, providing the ability to proactively improve communications, automation and performance. From the field to the boardroom the digital transformation is inevitable, and will change the way business operates. Dubbed the “fourth industrial revolution,” no area of business will see the performance enhancements more profoundly than operations. While the transition may seem futuristic, for those that begin today, the rewards are great – operations are improved, costs are reduced, and safety is enhanced.

At the forefront of transportation operations software is ABB Ability™ Ellipse®, the premier connected asset lifecycle management solution for asset intensive companies needing to optimize asset availability, performance, efficiency and quality. Built from almost 40 years of experience supporting the asset management and business operations of hundreds of the world’s largest industrial organizations, ABB Ability™ Ellipse® is the only solution that unifies world-class functionality for enterprise asset management (EAM), workforce management (WFM) and asset performance management (APM). Ellipse facilitates the orchestration of priority, process and people across an organization, enabling the management of physical assets across the entire asset lifecycle. Ellipse enables faster, better-informed decisions in daily operations and allows for more comprehensive, insightful, long-term planning and modeling to improve safety, reliability, and sustainability.


ABB Ability™ Ellipse® Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a purpose-built EAM and enterprise resource planning solution that delivers business outcomes at a sustainable and superior cost of operations and capital investment. The solution instills best practices and processes to help manage assets from day to day and throughout their lifecycle. The flexible design supports asset-intensive organizations of all sizes, ranging from the largest and most complex operational environments to those that are implementing an asset management strategy for the first time. With Ellipse EAM, you can respond faster and make better decisions about assets that directly impact the bottom line. Ellipse EAM is available as SaaS or on premise deployment.


ABB Ability™ Ellipse Asset Performance Management (APM) is a software solution designed to provide health and performance insights to prevent critical asset failures while optimizing asset lifecycle costs. The solution enables asset-intensive organizations to leverage their online and offline data to drive more intelligent, risk-based approaches to asset management in alignment with industry standards such as ISO 55000 and PAS 55. Ellipse APM is the most proven and efficient asset performance management solution available on the market. Its speed of implementation and extendibility allows you to start lean, experiment and learn, and accelerate your organization’s digital transition while savings are materialized. Ellipse APM is available as SaaS or on premise deployment and can be implemented with Ellipse EAM or integrated with other EAM systems.


ABB Ability™ Ellipse® Workforce Management (WFM) is a highly scalable and intuitive inspection, maintenance and repair application. Designed for asset-intensive environments like substations, Ellipse WFM equips mobile users to execute work orders in the field with optimal efficiency. The solution is designed specifically to extend the efficiency of the enterprise asset management process directly to the assets it supports, and drive asset management fieldwork productivity and worker safety. Implementing Ellipse WFM as part of a comprehensive asset management strategy enables cross-functional visibility, consolidated reporting, improved workforce productivity and reduced down-time. Ellipse WFM is a SaaS offering and can be implemented with Ellipse EAM or integrated with other EAM systems.

When it comes to low-emission transport and fast, safe, reliable mobility, the latest rail and urban transportation software solutions from ABB are helping to write the future of mobility. Transportation providers across the globe are increasingly connecting technology and transport to better shape the way we move.

Our customers can attest to these significant benefits:

  • Superior information about network status, better system reliability and a vastly reduced probability of blackouts
  • Highly available network and robust carriage uptime to improve customer satisfaction
  • Adherence to the most stringent and changing regulatory requirements
  • Better stakeholder satisfaction and return: Improved workforce efficiency, maintenance and inventory cost and program management
  • Connected, configurable and powerful tools that work in the way that your teams need them to
  • Confidence from workers and passengers in a safe and sustainable rail network

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