Project Updates

Pimpama Railway Station

Location: Queensland, Australia

Project type: New train station

Start date: March 2023

Completion: 2026

Investment: A$120m ($83m)

The Queensland Government has committed A$120m ($83m) to construct three new Gold Coast railway stations including Pimpama.

Australian construction company ADCO was contracted for the design and construction of the newPimpama train station in January 2023.

Grand Paris Express

Location: Ile-de-France, France

Project type: Rapid transit system

Start date: June 2015

Completion: 2030

Investment: €36.1bn ($47.7bn)

Grand Paris Express is being developed in Paris, France. It is being developed by Societe du Grand Paris and will serve three million residents per day.

The project includes the extension of the existing Paris Metro Line 14 towards the north and south and the construction of four new Lines: 15, 16, 17, and 18.

Union Station

Location: Toronto, Canada

Project type: Station enhancement

Start date: February 2022

Completion: 2025

Investment: C$562m ($392.72m)

The Union Station enhancement project involves improvements to the track, stairways, platforms, elevators, and access.

The project will also include the development of a stormwater management system and will allow for future electrification and level boarding of trains.