The Most Eco-Friendly Transportation Solution

Rail transportation is the most eco-friendly way to travel when compared to other surface transportation. Cars and trucks are a large source of greenhouse gas emissions and a large contributor to global climate change. The carbon emission per kilometre on railway transport is 80% less than cars. What if there was a way to reduce traffic, congestion, and carbon emission on the road and how to increase trains’ capacity on the rail network are key challenges for rail operators.

Recently, the sensors technology has been used acted as a solution to that problem. The trains were equipped with sensors like cameras, radar and lidars to increase the capacity, reliability and efficiency of railway industry.

These environmentally friendly trains are considered to be the modern transport of the future.

Smart Sensor Technology

Those innovative sensors install in front of the train to identify and monitor the surroundings and location of trains and next to the trains in real-time, which enables the train to avoid potential disruptions. Meanwhile, the sensors are capable of detecting hazards and obstacles in real-time, so the train can divert if needed, and they also provide accurate information and performance of the train and its component to predict and prevent failure, helping to underpin the train’s reliability and giving the punctuality of the trains.

More importantly, those smart sensors technology can precisely determine the position of the train at any time, which makes the punctuality of the rail operation possible. As a result, the train runs at shorter intervals and creates more capacity on the route without having to install additional infrastructure along the route. The system also improves reliability and efficiency.

Vecow Embedded Computing Systems

To achieve this, a high-performance computer is necessary. The system collects and fuses the data that sensors from the train in real-time, obtains the status of the area surrounding the train and then provides a reliable image of the train’s surroundings will be transmitted to the rail network integrated control center.

Vecow’s embedded computing systems integrated into trains that helped those environmentally friendly trains collect data faster and provide accurate information about the environment in which the vehicle is located and analyses the data with the use of AI technology to monitor train’s performance; thus, making railway systems safer and more efficient.

  • Compact NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ processor with up to 32 TOPS AI performance
  • Mutiple I/O:8 GMSL cameras with Fakra-Z connectors, 5 LAN with 4 PoE+, 4 USB, 2 Isolated CAN Bus, 2 COM
  • Reliable connectivity supports for 5G/4G/LTE/WiFi/BT/GPS
  • 9V to 50V DC-in, EN50155 certified


  • Workstation-grade Intel Xeon®/Core™ processor supports up to 95W TDP CPU
  • Mutiple I/O:6 GigE LAN with 4 X-coded M12 PoE+, 6 USB, 32 Isolated DIO, 4 COM
  • Flexible storage: 2.5” SSD/HDD, Micro SD Card, M.2 Key M
  • 9V to 50V DC-in, Software Ignition,
  • EN50155 certified


  • Workstation-grade Intel processor integrated with NVIDIA/AMD graphics card
  • 1500W power budget supports dual graphics cards
  • Rugged X-coded M12 connectors 
  • Reliable connectivity supports for 5G/4G/LTE/WiFi/BT/GPS
  • 12V to 55V DC-in, EN50155 certified