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Issue 99 • November 2022

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The awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was controversial for a host of reasons, not least the nation’s capability to host the large influx of visitors for the tournament. 

In this issue, we look at the country's efforts to bolster its rail infrastructure, namely with the new Doha Metro, and ask if the country's public transit infrastructure is ready for the World Cup.

Elsewhere, we learn about a proposal in the UK for a new railway link in East Lancashire. The proposal plans to use the East Lancashire Heritage Railway line as a foundation, but the heritage railway isn't happy about it.

Six months after the Elizabeth Line launch in London, we look at the potential for a second line running from the southwest suburbs of the city to the home counties north of London. How likely is it that the project will go ahead?

As well as all of this, we also find out about fresh warnings of the environmental impact of the UK's high-speed rail project, HS2, consider why the UK wouldn't be able to follow in the steps of European nations by banning domestic flights, and look at the history of public transport in the US.

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Peter Nilson, editor