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Frauscher speaks French

In 2018, Frauscher founded its own location in France. The goal of the office in Haguenau is to supply French-speaking rail markets with innovative solutions.

Being present in various rail markets with its own locations is part of the intensive growth strategy that Frauscher has been pursuing for several years now. The driving force behind this concept is the principle of working closely with customers, speaking their language and knowing the exact conditions of individual markets. “We are in close contact with operators and system integrators operating in French-speaking countries“, Mayank Tripathi, Managing Director Frauscher Sensor Technology France S.A.R.L, explains. Before joining Frauscher in 2016, he worked as an Engineer, Sales Manager and Sales and Marketing Director for a railway company in France with global presence. Tripathi has a total of 15 years of experience in the railway signalling industry. “In addition to France, we are also active in the countries of North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Frauscher has been active in the Maghreb region in particular since the nineties. We have been able to significantly intensify our relations with these markets in recent years. With the foundation of the office in France, a new milestone was set in this process”, he explains.

Optimal solutions for new requirements

The segments in which Frauscher supplies these markets with solutions are complex. Metros and trams are just as much a part of this as long-distance connections on which freight and passenger trains are operated. “We see a clear trend towards modernising existing systems in these regions,” Tripathi adds: “Their modularity and freely selectable interfaces make products such as the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC predestined to create solutions in these areas.” This axle counter has already proven its flexibility in numerous rail markets around the globe. Depending on the requirements of the existing system, it can be connected via relay or Ethernet interface. Intelligent functionalities such as Counting Head Control CHC or Supervisor Track Sections STS increase the availability of the system even further. With the Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE software protocol, Frauscher additionally simplifies integration: “Railway operators or system integrators who do not have their own protocol can simply use the FSE. It was specially developed for the transmission of axle counting data, but can of course also be used for the transfer of further information. Thanks to its open format, any system integrator can easily implement it the FSE protocol. Frauscher however has as well already implemented customer specific protocols. So any interface is possible.“

Mayank Tripathi, Managing Director Frauscher Sensor Technology France S.A.R.L

Highly reliable components

In addition to various technical requirements, the French-speaking railway market also covers a wide range of climatic and environmental conditions. “Frauscher Wheel Sensors have already proven their worth many times over. Thanks to their robust design, these sensors function at both extremely high and very low temperatures. Contamination by dust, dirt or sand cannot harm them, nor can high humidity. In various regions, it was proven that these devices reliably detect trains even in flooded areas“, Tripathi explains.

The Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC has proven its high reliability all over the globe

Setting the course for the future

In addition to Frauscher's proven systems and products, the company's latest innovations are increasingly attracting the attention of French-speaking markets. “Solutions such as Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS offer interesting features for customers in our area”, Tripathi notes. “The continuous monitoring of the condition of track and train components has also been often discussed in detail. Our customers are increasingly interested with the possibilities of using FTS to collect various real-time data on the condition of their infrastructure and on the current position, direction and speed of the vehicles on their tracks. The applications being considered against this background cover a very broad spectrum and we look forward to discussing a number of exciting projects here in the future“.

The Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS generate real-time information for a broad range of applications

Highlights at SIFER

Frauscher France will have its own stand at SIFER 2019. There, interested visitors have the opportunity to discuss their requirements directly with the company's experts. In addition to the FAdC and the FTS, the new SENSiS system will also be on display. “We presented SENSiS for the first time at InnoTrans 2018 and were overwhelmed by the great interest and positive feedback. With a newly developed sensor, which works like an intelligent device on the track, this system sets new standards. The evaluation of the sensor signal takes place in the sensor - i.e. directly on the rail. Using a dedicated bus system, digitised data is transferred directly from the SENSiS Detection Point SDP to the SENSiS Processing Unit SPU in the indoor system. The possibility of building ring architectures enables immense savings in the cabling area. In addition, the sensor is able to collect information on temperature and vibrations. In the overall package, this system opens up completely new possibilities and represents the latest generation of track vacancy detection against the backdrop of an increasing digitalisation of the railway industry”, Tripathi summarises this highlight.

The Frauscher SENSiS Detection Point SDP was presented at InnoTrans 2018, along with the SENSiS system

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