Thermoformed plastics are well-suited for a broad spectrum of parts such as window masks, armrests, seat backs and interior trim to name a few.


  • Lower Specific gravity 1.30-1.45 (ASTM D-792) compared to FRP
  • Reduced costs 
  • Consolidate or eliminate parts
  • Flame, smoke and toxicity compliant materials: Docket 90, ASTM 162, ASTM 662, SMP 800c and BSS7239
  • Specifications-matched monolithic colored sheets eliminates paint and gel coat
  • Pre-laminated sheets for patterns with cleaning ability and chemical resistance, such as clear or pattern Tedlar
  • Pressure form textures and mask area where texture is not desired
  • Conforms to design intent with undercuts and back draft thru tool design w/o extra part cost

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