Ansaldo STS SpA
Via Paolo Mantovani 3 - 5 16151 Genoa - Italy

Since over a century Ansaldo STS, A Hitachi Group Company, designs and implements solutions and components for Railway, Mass Transit and Freight lines.

Ansaldo STS experience and technologies provide  integrated multimodal transport system and solutions through next generation signalling (CBTC, ERTMS), Turnkey projects including O&M and innovation, digital, satellite as key enabler. Ansaldo STS is committed as a Full Service Provider, to take care of the people’s journey improving the quality of life.

Ansaldo STS’s Key success factors:

  • Advanced technology
  • Innovative approach to highly complex projects
  • International presence and global capability
  • Compliance to safety and environmental standards
  • Full system integration capabilities

Contractual capabilities

  • Contracting for Design & Build
  • Design, Build, Operate and Maintain (DBOM)
  • Project Financing / Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Ansaldo STS has left its mark in the rail industry by implementing advanced technologies on major projects such as:

  • ERTMS/ETCS solutions combined with High Speed Rail, Conventional lines or Heavy Haul technologies for safer and interoperable networks
  • Satellite positioning technology for safer and more accurate rail traffic management
  • Driverless solutions to improve operational efficiency and flexibility and reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • CBTC signalling technology to increase performances and reduce headway through a real moving block
  • Broad Components portfolio, covering all aspects of signalling and systems solutions (such as Switch Machines, Signals, Level Crossings, Relays, etc.)

That’s how Ansaldo STS moves the rail industry forward, that’s how we connect pieces of your day to day life.