Katsa Oy – PTO reliability to railways

Katsa has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing Power Take-Off gearboxes and clutches for mobile equipment. Typical concept includes engine bell housing mounting for Power Take-Inn, and PTO´s for hydraulic pumps or other operations. Katsa is also utilizing wet running hydraulic clutches which allow separate engagement for selected PTO´s.

The new PTO´s can be also utilized as stand-alone speed increasing or speed decreasing gear units for optimal diesel engine running speeds and maximized fuel efficiency. By Katsa´s strong design expertise, the new gear units suit perfectly for heavy duty railway maintenance equipment, where hydraulics is widely needed.
Katsa Oy was founded in 1955 and since then the company has been looking for solutions of the future. Company´s long term development has meant ongoing transformation and continuous investments on latest manufacturing, inspection,designing and assembling technologies.

For railways Katsa Oy offers different mechanical power transmission solutions. These includes balanced high precision gear wheels and gear shafts, customized PTO gearboxes and clutches, but also other different gearbox needs of rail applications. Katsa Oy also offers reverse engineering for modernization projects.