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What makes the Zenatek tracking system suitable for the Railway sector and how can it benefit the customers who are providing logistics services?

Thanks to a sophisticated device and a powerful web application, Zenatek allows the owner of the railway wagons, or the people involved in the railway cars control and of the goods transported sector, the possibility to easily monitor the positions of the cars over the geographic area where they operate. The monitoring in full autonomy, though our web based software and hardware connected, and Google view of the position each wagon tracked. Moreover, to be alerted if the wagon is receiving a substantial crash which may damages the wagon itself of the good transported. Gather information of the various and different railway network operators who may sometimes provide incomplete information about the real position of the assets. It is quite usual that wagons are placed on dead end tracks in remote areas.

How did Zenatek Sarl become involved within the Railway sector?

Some years ago, Zenatek was attending an important logistics exhibition, proposing container tracking and cold chain control services. During such event, a visitor to our stand, mentioned that his employees often did not know where exactly the railway wagons were located, and this in particularly in East Europe Countries; he felt the necessity for an accurate information.

He was impressed about the low cost of our tracking services and the simplicity of our web based system; he asked about the possibility to “migrate” our service to the railway industry for tracking his rolling stock. Zenatek took care of the problem and shortly afterwards offered the solution to this client’s problems. This was the starting of a profitable collaboration and the first step of Zenatek in the Railways “world”.

What makes Zenatek Sarl stand out ahead of your competitors for the logistics tracking systems?

Thanks to a long experience in the logistic field of its personnel and managers, Zenatek has designed and built on its own, an easy to-install and manageable device, self-powered by a battery that gives a long running operating life together with an agile web-based control platform and easy to use. Zenatek, that to say: if ZTD is installed on a wagon may give, if wanted by the client, two locations per day for several years. Being mainly a IT company, Zenatek can integrate his web platform with most existing management systems on the market, and whichever the clients have on use.

What is so unique about the tracking system you provide?

Let me say that what is unique is the full service that we provide; at the end of the day many companies are offering the possibility to know where the assets are and some companies do it well, indeed. What render our system unique, is the “bespoke” service that we may provide to our clients. Just an example: a certain Company owner of a large fleet of tank cars, ask us to provide the tracking service and, and as second request, they ask us to install the devices on each car tank; the problem was that the tank cars were scattered throughout Europe and we were able in reasonable required time to install the tracking devices on each single tank car: these are the challenges we sometime we meet.

We can train our technology to help them to detect and prevent their issues

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