DPW Plant Hire Pty Ltd is a rapidly expanding and a determined company that prides itself on its superior reputation and constantly strives to be the best performer within the rail industry. This is achieved by delivering the highest standards based on our innovative perspective & experience.

DPW was the first to introduce 360 degrees slew Tele Handlers, Multi Cranes, Rail Trolleys & Rough Terrain Cranes into the Construction/Rail industry and the first in the world to develop and use the Hi Rail system for the Dieci Tele Handler.

The advantage of the Tele Handler & Multi Crane is its versatility, lifting capacity and compact foot print. The quick-change system allows utilisation of all attachments and high productivity for each machine.

DPW have also developed, Spreader Beams, Lifting Beams and Rail Trailers for the fleet. Investment has also been made with our in-house training track which incorporates overheads and test bed. We offer to all our clients free familiarisation training on our fleet of Elevating Work Platforms to ensure competencies are in place before the projects start.

DPW differentiates itself from competitors because its machines are certified by WorkCover. 90% of competitor’s machines rely on outriggers or lifting attachments but DPW's machines are able to work on rail tracks without these additions due to their compliance certification which specifically includes EWP, RSO, and WorkCover.

DPW is committed to customer service driven by our highly experienced, dedicated and focused team of reputable machinery operators.

We are mainstream within the Construction/Rail Sector and have had experience within the industry for over 20 years. To support our machines and operators we also have dedicated WHS and maintenance departments to ensure reliability and safety.

DPW has extensive experience carrying out,

• Power Pole installation

 Overhead wire structure erection

 Cable installation

 Signal installation

 Station maintenance/Upgrades

• Over Head Wire maintenance/construction

 Material distribution/Handling

 Track/Sleepers/Turnout handling/installation

• Rail Tunnel works (Material handling and installation)

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