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Internet of Things Start with... Things

The Internet of Things is a revolution that impacts all economic sectors, expectations are high: in Operations performance, Productivity, IoT can also change the Companies business models with a renewed use of assets.

However, before moving into structural changes of organization and investments, decisions makers may face hurdles implementing heterogeneous technologies and finding the hardware and software elements that meet their specific needs;

STIMIO makes IoT adoption straightforward, from Proof of Concept to Industrial deployment


We prototype Hardware and customized objects


We collect the Data, store and visualize the PoC outputs


We take the PoC to a cost optimized product, and industrialize it

Railway operators face a triple challenge on a daily basis:

  • Service availability
  • Reliability of the equipment
  • Efficiency of maintenance

One of the complexities lies in the heterogeneity of rolling stock. While recent equipment has advanced self-diagnostics features, intelligent sensors, real-time notifications of the train status, many trains were put into service 10 years ago, 20 years or more, while some technologies did not exist yet.

IoT for rolling stock

IoT technologies make it possible to bridge the disparities between train generations. Thanks to autonomous wireless sensors, on-board diagnostics are expanded, predictive maintenance become feasible on devices that were not intended for it.

  • Small and robust, IoT sensors can be positioned close to the equipment
  • Running on battery, their installation is facilitated
  • Wireless, they communicate with long range radio networks and/or are connected to train’s network

STIMIO has developed a rail certified offer that combines sensors, autonomous communicating boxes, and communication gateways to forward the data the train network and to long range radio networks such as LPWAN or classical telecom cellular networks.

The STIMIO team is multidisciplinary and combines the technological expertises needed to build a data collection solution that is tailored to the needs of its clients

Our expertises

The common thread of our engineers and technicians is for each of us a strong experience acquired in the design of complex microelectronic devices, with high added value and produced in high volumes.

Design of electronic boards
Our boards are designed according to the State of the art, the components chosen and their implementation offer scalable and cost-oriented solutions.

Embedded software
As part of our platforms, We develop and validate firmware bricks, which allows us to focus on client applications and their RoI.

Analog design (RF, power management)
Our experts in RF design and Power Management develop battery operated objects with optimized autonomy.

Packaging, SiP
Our expertise in microelectronic integration enables us to propose to our customers roadmaps towards smaller, cheaper, more robust objects.

Our "fabless" model allows us to provide our customers with industrial tools adapted to their needs, in terms of volume, flexibility and service.

Test and quality
Stimio defines and controls the test methodologies used by our subcontractors: we support the industrial phases and maintain quality control.