Plasser & Theurer has taken a quantum leap into a new era of mechanised track construction and maintenance. Innovations ensuring new standards in cost-efficiency, environmental-friendliness and ergonomic design have made this possible. The latest generation of vehicles clearly shows this development


lasser & Theurer machines allow versatile modification. Now, a new platform strategy provides additional benefits. It consists of machines with hybrid drives and even all-electric machines - after decades of diesel-powered machines. Equally important, digital systems decisively boost the efficiency in machine operation and maintenance.

Prepared for tomorrow’s market: The Unimat 09‑4x4/4S is also available with the new, revolutionary, E³ drive technology.

Industrial standards in ergonomic design

The new design of our machines goes beyond what can be seen. To many operators, the cabin is their second home. That is why the increased importance of a machine’s ergonomic design and user-friendliness comes as no surprise. Plasser & Theurer is committed to optimising user-friendliness, because we know that this enables our customers to work more cost-effectively and allows them to improve the quality of their working results.

Ultimately, ergonomically optimised workplaces make it easier to recruit machine staff.

The ever-changing requirements and needs of operators have made on-track construction and maintenance machines become real all-rounders. Manufacturing the machines, however, is only one part of the challenge. Before they can be put into operation, the responsible authorities must approve the machines for the operation according to the applicable regulations. In most countries, machines may only be operated if they have been approved by the National Safety Authorities.

We configure machines to make them suit your needs.

Our machines allow extensive and versatile individualisation. In addition to the options available for the Unimat 09-4x4 series, more than 100 configuration options for high-capacity track and turnout tamping machines will be available in the future. Select from additional modules for sweeping, ballast storing, dynamic stabilisation of tracks and turnouts or alternative drive systems from our E³ series available for our individual machine series. Choose components such as the inertial track geometry measuring system to expand your machine’s field of application or opt for additional room for social areas or workshop areas, and much more.

We put your machine on track in no time 

Fast approval thanks to PlasserModularCustomizing: The approval process of auxiliary vehicles is also extensive. Ultimately, machines are vehicles which must comply with EN 14033. Based on the new platform programs, the expansions offer a major advantage: Their technical design and quality comply with the machine’s initial approval. Railway testing has already been completed.


Machine operation made easier:

The innovative turnout tamping assistance system scans the turnout, generates a 3D image showing its exact position and possible obstacles, and suggests actions for tamping, lifting and lining.

To many operators, the cabin is their second home. The increasing importance of a machine’s ergonomic design comes as no surprise.

Know-how for machine approval

Plasser & Theurer introduced a separate “Approval and Acceptance Department” as early as in 2013. Therefore, we are not only an expert in this field for standard machines, but also for customised solutions. This requires know-how about the fundamental verification requirements as well as knowledge of the approval procedures and the parties involved. Clearly defining the requirements and the intended application together with the operator prior to the process allows for a realistic homologation management and is the key to success. More than 16,000 machines supplied until 2017 demonstrate this.

Fit for the Future

Your Plasser & Theurer machine from the ModularCustomizing programme makes you fit for any future task. Your machine is equipped with the P-IC control system, which is both intuitive and robust and includes the PlasserDatamatic 2.0. Configurable dashboards inform you about the most important parameters such as GPS data, engine data, filling levels, maintenance and much more, providing you with the data needed for condition-based monitoring.

At your side for the entire service life of your machine, we are constantly expanding our after-sales services. We further develop original spare parts continuously. Around 60,000 parts are always held in stock, ready for dispatch to all parts of the world. Our upgrades ensure that even older machines maintain a higher value, are fitted with high-level technology and provide maximum availability. We use state-of-the-art simulator technology in instruction and training sessions to teach, for instance, how to tamp every turnout sleeper with high quality.

A growing segment of digital products optimally adds to our Modular­Customizing programme, making your track maintenance machine fit for the era of 4.0 already today. This is why we have recently fitted our SmartALC with an interface for Building Information Modeling (BIM) to facilitate track management.